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[Current Date] from Bremerton, Washington, United States of America 

There are no heroes here. Only survivors. On Fractured Ground is just the beginning…

On Fractured Ground: Book 1 of the Shattered Lives Chronicles, written by Subject BGD (Available on Amazon, Kindle edition is free with Kindle Unlimited or $4.99 retail, or in paperback for $12.99 retail).

This series is not for the weak of stomach or the soft of heart. Writing the Shattered Lives Chronicles has saved Subject BGD’s life more than once. She hopes others find the strength she did within its pages.

The horror of traditional human trafficking destroys its victims. Decades ago, a family of patriarchal extremists sought to corner the black market with a high-end product. Young girls are indoctrinated. Teenagers are trained. Those who comply are sold in their early twenties. Surrounded by drones programmed to obey, a young woman challenges Cellar Institute’s tolerance. The facility’s reluctant inheritor and his trusted employee must come up with a way to correct her behavior, or be faced with the decision to end her life.

From the mind of Subject BGD comes an elaborate mythos revolving around a family’s legacy of sexism and cruelty through centuries of brainwashed heirs. Personal devastation shaped the hell Subject BGD inflicts on the 3 main characters throughout the series. The novels will deliver a continuous story filled with emotional triggers and despair because of the times the author’s life depended the outlet to endure her own truths.

On Fractured Ground exposes an illicit realm of selling sex slaves. Dare to act as witness to the lives this underground world continues to shatter. Experience the small triumphs, phenomenal failings, and shocking brutalities as secrets from the past ooze like blood.


For marketing and other inquiries, please contact us at, or reach out to Subject BGD’s literary manager, Adeline Blake, at 360.979.9805. To learn more about the Shattered Lives Chronicles, please visit

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