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Subject BGD

I was born and raised in Washington State, which is also the setting for my book series. She chooses to publish under an alias due to the dark and graphic nature of the Shattered Lives Chronicles. The pen name foreshadows a reveal in Book 3, Broken by Blood. Another pseudo-name I sometimes conduct business under is Gayle Schnaber, who is also a minor character in the series.

Writing the Shattered Lives series helped me process some of the devastations I have faced throughout my life. As a survivor of anxiety and depression, this story saved my life many times over. As a survivor of sexual assault, writing On Fractured Ground in particular was my way of taking the trauma, twisting it, and relinquishing it to my characters to deal with. Though all characters and events are 100% fiction, the series’ overall theme of survive at all costs is very real, and I created my characters to be so much stronger than I felt I could ever be. I can only hope they can forgive me for all I’ve put them through.

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