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On Fractured Ground

Book 1 of The Shattered Lives Chronicles

There are no heroes here. Only survivors.

As a child, Tylar Daislea was abandoned at Cellar Institute. A despicable fortress with just one directive: to brainwash, train and traffic women. Introduced to a sex trainer at sixteen, she excelled through the initial two years of skills. Until one fateful afternoon, when it all fell apart.

When Tylar leads a second skill trainer to ruin, Corbin Manning receives the call. His father’s unsolved murder left him in charge of the illicit facility his family established decades ago. Forced to return to an underground world he always loathed, Tylar’s behavior threatens to drive him past the brink of his tolerance.

Thrust into the middle is Corbin’s most trusted employee, Chase Tiburon. Faced with a distasteful decision, Chase must return to his former life as a skill trainer or take on a task that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Excerpt from Chapter 8: What He Can't Control

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Fragmented Past
Book 2 of The Shattered Lives Chronicles

The past will start to resurface and new details will be discovered.

Broken by Blood
Book 3 of The Shattered Lives Chronicles

Devastating family secrets continue to be revealed.

Book 4 of The Shattered Lives Chronicles

Personalities will shift as the wounds of the past start to heal.

Scattered Shards
Book 5 of The Shattered Lives Chronicles
When lives are once again blown apart, what remains must be pieced back together.