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Author Name:  Subject BGD 
Social Media:  
     Twitter: @SubjectBGD 
     Instagram: @SubjectBGD 
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     Subject BGD:


Subject BGD was born and raised in Washington State, which is also the setting for the book series. She chooses to publish under an alias due to the dark and graphic nature of the Shattered Lives Chronicles. The pen name foreshadows a reveal in Book 3, Broken by Blood.


Writing the Shattered Lives Chronicles helped Subject BGD process the various devastation she has faced, some that nearly destroyed her. The human trafficking facility was modeled after the hospitals she frequented as a child (minus the sex and abuse, of course). It shaped how the place is locked down, the privilege system for keeping its victims in-line, and the seclusion rooms used for punishment. The sex slave plot was a byproduct of sexual frustration, though it did give her an outlet for dealing with a sexual assault later in life. Writing this series also gave her a way to work through the discovery of her mom not being my real birth mother.


For more information about Subject BGD, and the Shattered Lives universe, please visit

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