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  • "There are no heroes here. Only survivors. On Fractured Ground is just the beginning."

  • "Young girls are indoctrinated. Teenagers are trained. Those who comply will live to be sold in their early twenties. Surrounded by drones programmed to obey, a young woman challenges the system's tolerance."

  • “Sinister threads from a dynasty’s unraveling secrets will start to weave an intricate web of sex, loyalty, and violence.”

  • “A controversial and graphic series centered around a human trafficking facility and an all male bloodline known for raising inhuman vessels of corruption, lethalness, and cruelty."

  • "Experience the small triumphs, phenomenal failings, and shocking brutalities as secrets from the past ooze through the cracks like blood.”

  • “On Fractured Ground will immerse you in the dark, unforgiving world of human trafficking as it focuses on 3 lives shattered within.”

  • “The Shattered Lives Chronicles are not for the weak of stomach or the soft of heart. They challenge the very crux of nature vs nurture, as they explore the extremes the mind will go to for ensuring survival and quality of life.” 

  • “The struggle of nature vs. nurture will be challenged.”

  • “A dynasty's dark secrets of violence and corruption will start to unravel.” 

  • From Book 7:

          “The Manning Bloodline has a very…” Jim tapered off, trying to find the words to finish his sentence, “…storied past.”
          He raised his eyebrows, “Meaning?”
          “They kill each other,” Jim stated. “Frequently.”

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