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Shattered Lives Universe

The Shattered Lives Universe

Decades ago, the Manning bloodline established a human trafficking facility with the goal of cornering the black market. This series follows 3 lives that have been shattered by Cellar Institute. Tylar Daislea, a young woman raised at the mercy of the Institute. Corbin Manning, a reluctant heir born into a legacy of cruelty, sexism, and violence. And Chase Tiburon, Corbin's loyal bodyguard with ties of his own to the Institute. All are trapped in an underground world none of them wanted to be a part of.

This book series is not for the weak of stomach or the soft of heart. It challenges the crux of nature versus nurture, as it explores the extremes the mind will go to ensure survival and quality of life.

On Fractured Ground is just the beginning.

Bremerton, Washingon   |

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